Enrollment for summer 2015 opens May 15! 

At Tumbleweeds, our mission is to pursue excellence in athletics
while finding the right balance between hard work and play.  
Read on for the answers to some frequently asked questions!

What kind of classes do you offer?
We are a family-oriented gym with convenient, affordable classes.  Learn more about our tumbling, dance, and gymnastics classes on the Programs page.   We also offer birthday parties, private lessons, and open gyms!

Why should I enroll my child in gymnastics?
Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that trains well-rounded athletes.  Gymnastics can help your child develop:
  • physical and mental strength
  • self-discipline
  • body control
  • spatial awareness
  • focus
  • confidence
At Tumbleweeds, these skills are taught in a supportive environment in order to achieve the optimal balance between hard work and fun.

What should I do while my child is in class?
For children over age five, you may drop off your child, but parents and caregivers are always encouraged to stay and observe their child's class.  We do ask that only class participants enter the gym area in order to minimize distractions and to comply with the terms of our insurance policy.  Our parent waiting area offers seating with views of the gym, free wifi, and a small play area for siblings.  We also now offer a fitness room for parents, where for a small fee, you can get a workout in while your child is in class!  

What should they wear?
Girls' Gymnastics: Leotards (any style) are required. Gymnastics shorts may be worn over leotards if desired. No shoes are worn in the gym.
Tumbling: Tumblers should wear a leotard or tucked-in athletic tee shirt and shorts (no belts, buttons, hoods, etc). CLEAN cheer shoes may be worn if desired.
Boys' Gymnastics:  Boys should wear a tee-shirt and athletic shorts.  No belts, buttons, hoods, jeans, etc.
Beginner Dance: Leotards (any style) are required along with dance footwear. Pink or white tights should be worn under leotards. Footwear options include ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or foot undies.
Drill Team: Uniform fee will provide shorts and tee for practice. Dancer must purchase her own jazz shoes or foot undies. 

Can I afford this?
We want a healthy, active lifestyle to be available to everyone, so we strive to keep our prices affordable for working families.  We also offer sibling discounts for families with two or more children enrolled in our programs.  

We're ready!  How do I get started?
Online registration is now available.  Simply create an account on the Parent Login page, and you will be able to choose from the available classes, see tuition rates, and more.